The universe is a lie

About 13.7 billion years ago the Universe was still an infant back then the four fundamental forces of the universe hadn’t had the chance to…well exist!

At 0.1 x 10^(-36) Second or one trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second (the earliest calculated by man thus far) the universe was the size of an atom, at a size so small and compact the universe was orange, because matter was compressed in a space, so small, that atoms can’t form within.


A few seconds after its formation the universe had expanded enough to allow atoms to form as it cooled down the fundamental forces started to take place. The first the Strong nuclear force, then the Weak nuclear force, and finally the Gravitational and Electromagnetic forces. At this point atoms can form to make Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium mainly and rest of the elements later on.

So you may be asking: Where is the lie? What went wrong?

Types of matter:

Anti-matter is a term you will likely hear in Sci-Fi movies and ignore as a fictional idea. But, in fact, anti-matter exists in a way, don’t go looking, anti-matter hasn’t naturally existed for 13.7 billion years. As the universe cooled down, matter and anti-matter started colliding and annihilating each other into energy. The universe had a billion and one normal atoms worth of matter to one billion atoms worth of anti-matter. This event, until now, is still unexplained so being unable to go back further, scientists speculated on the end of the universe instead.


One of the most accepted theories is the heat-death theory. It states that everything that ever existed will end by breaking down and gravitating to black holes which radiate and evaporate in time. And then nothing happens. But then, a billion years later, you will reappear as a dragon and rule the void. Just kidding, but it is still a highly specific possibility (you reappearing not ruling the void). Because you see the universe wants to be empty so why is it possible for you to reappear. Well, it’s because if you slowdown time and zoom to the size of an atom you will find something weird, an atom and an anti-atom forming and annihilating each other immediately.

So the vacuum of space isn’t a vacuum after all. It’s essentially maintaining the zero matter percentage by adding one minus one. Still where is the lie ?…. Why does matter exist if the universe make matter and anti-matter equally? Why does the universe favor matter in the big bang especially and on such a scale as well?

Well, the only thinkable thing is that matter just happened to form more just like you don’t always get the same number of head and tails all the time. And with infinite time comes infinite possibilities so fingers crossed for void-ruling dragon writers, right? Guys?

Further reading:

Written by: Osama Mohamed

Edited by: Osama Waheib


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