Resources for learningLearning is the key to success. With the ever quickening advance of technology, learning is more important than ever. Thankfully, due to this advance in technology, learning is now easier than ever. Learning online is now a valid method of learning, which beats some of the more traditional means of education in some areas.

There are many quality websites and resources which you can use to bolster your knowledge. These are some of the best online resources for learning new things:

Online Courses

Coursera:  Coursera is a leader in free online education. It has a robust collection of courses in various categories and specializations. The courses are either self-paced or timed classes which last from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks. You can find courses on almost any subject: Computer science, Physical sciences, engineering, Math, Data science, Business, Arts and Humanities, and many more. You also get a certificate to prove your participation and completion of the courses.

edX:  edX is another platform which offers free online courses in a wide variety of subjects. You can find courses in many subjects; moreover, their science and computer science courses are particularly good. Harvard University and MIT, the founders of edX, offer two of the best free computer science online courses available.

Alison: Alison is a great place if you need to learn basic knowledge in a certain subject. They offer short and beautifully designed courses which you can complete at your own pace. It offers courses from industry leading experts including Google and Microsoft.


Google Arts & Culture: Google Arts and Culture is one of the best places to visit if you need to give yourself a little creativity boost. You can view and learn about high-quality artworks, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. And if that’s not enough, you can even go all the way and visit famous museums and world wonders in beautiful 360° tours. If you have a VR viewer headset you can use it to get the full experience. “Explore stories from around the world” – Arts & Culture

Ted TalksTed talks are relatively short videos but deliver amazing amounts of knowledge. They are the perfect videos to watch when you need a spark of creativity. They’re talks given by some of the most engaging speakers that will keep you attentive. You will definitely learn something new from them.

“Ideas worth spreading” –

/r/WritingPromptsAs you know, writing is the perfect outlet for creativity. Writing helps us organize information in our brains and boosts our creativity. Reddit’s WritingPrompts subreddit, is the perfect place for you if you want to find creative prompts for writing. Some of the prompts there are really creative and some are really stupid; but regardless, it’s a really nice community.

CoffitivityCoffitivity is a simple app which provides coffee-shop ambient sounds to help you focus. According to their website, being a tiny bit distracted helps the mind be more creative. It creates the perfect mood to release your inner creativity.

Learning Languages

DuolingoDuolingo is a great app for learning languages. It offers the ability to learn many languages in a streamlined and beautifully designed website. Duolingo incorporates gamification elements which help you stay motivated to learn more. The gamification also helps you track your progress and shows you how you compare to other learners. It also contains many features which help you at immersing yourself into the language that you’re learning.

Other great sources of knowledge

Project GutenbergProject Gutenberg is a massive online library with over 54,000 free eBooks. It’s a great place to check out if you’re looking for a new book to read. When you use the random search feature, you will find interesting and intriguing titles. Project Gutenberg contains a lot of old and forgotten hidden gems. It’s a bookworm’s paradise.

KhanacademyKhanacademy is a great knowledge database which offers simple and informative video lessons on different subjects. They also have a test prep section to help students prepare for various types of tests.

InformationIsBeautifulDo you like infographics? If you do, InformationIsBeautiful will become your best friend. The creative team at InformationIsBeautiful, designs some of the most beautiful infographics. It’s not just about the beautiful designs, the data they present is interesting and useful.


Those are all great resources for learning; but, the best online resource for learning new things is the internet itself! You should go and search it yourself. You might find curious and quirky websites which have valuable knowledge inside.

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Written by: Osama Waheib

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