How to hideHiding is something that we all have done at some point in our lives, whether it is while playing hide and seek or hiding toys from our siblings. But did you ever stop to wonder, if you were hiding the right way? Hiding is an art and a most refined one at that. In order to learn the beautiful art of hiding, you must spend years of training, and even then you’ll lack some skills. However, don’t fret, by reading this complete guide, you will become a master hider within minutes. And now, without further a do, let us begin this guide!

What is hiding?

Hiding, by definition, is the action of concealing someone or something and keeping it out of sight. When you are hiding something, you don’t want others to see it; but, there are always the annoyingly curious people who will try to search and find what you’re hiding. Throughout this guide these people will be referred to as “seekers”. The seekers’ ultimate goal is to find the object you are trying to hide. They might be people who are playing hide and seek with you, or they might be burglars trying to find the valuables hidden inside your house.

The two types of hiding

In this guide hiding will be separated into two types:

Hiding things from people:  This is probably the most common type of hiding and it’s also the easiest. There are many ways and techniques to hide things from people and most are easy to learn. The trick is knowing how to best use those techniques at the right situations. Making best use of your environment and the tools available to you is also important. Creativity is the key here.

Hiding yourself from people: This is the second type of hiding. It’s less common than hiding things from people and mostly happens in hide and seek games. However, in some situations, your life might depend on your hiding skills if a dangerous person is looking for you. In such a situation remaining calm will be important, from their on, you’ll need to use your inner creativity in order to find the perfect hiding place. Flexibility is the key here.

Hiding things from people:

The basics:

There are 5 questions you have to ask yourself when hiding things from people:

  1. Who are you hiding it from?
  2. Why are you hiding it?
  3. Do you have to hide it for a specific period of time?
  4. How valuable is thing that you’re hiding?
  5. How much are you prepared to lose to keep it hidden?

After you had answered these questions, you now have to proceed with hiding your valuable thing. As mentioned before there are techniques and tricks which can be used to hide your most precious things, which we will get to now.

The techniques:
  • Think like your seeker: This is one of the most important techniques that should be used in any situation where you have to hide anything. Think like your seeker. What would they be searching for? Where would they look for it? What’s their goal? What do they have to avoid? Try asking yourself all these questions when you are hiding something valuable. After asking yourself these questions, you will have a better idea on where you should hide your valuables.
  • Creating decoys: In some situations, your seeker might be a thief trying to steal your valuables, in this type of situation time is your enemy. With enough time any thief will find your valuables, despite how well you hide them. Therefore, you will have to resort to creating decoys which will divert the seeker’s attention. The decoy could be something as simple as creating a small stash of money, which will take away the thief’s attention while the real stash is in a secure location, away from danger. If you’re trying to hide important documents create a fake copy of them which has the wrong information, that way, the thief will steal it thinking it’s the original. The trick is to create something that will fool the seeker. Decoys will make seekers think they succeeded; when, in reality, they absolutely failed. The seekers will waste their time and just like that you will make time your ally.
  • Make them make assumptions: The more things they assume, the more mistakes that they will make. Give them fake clues and fake hopes. Give them a fake sense of having knowledge of the place. Use this with the technique of creating decoys in order to lead them into the fake decoy.
Conclusion of training:

The trick when you are hiding things from people is to be in control of the environment which the seeker is searching through. The goal of the techniques mentioned above is to make the seeker spend as much time as possible searching, until they give up. When seekers are searching for things, they’re usually racing against time; and, you should make use of that. But remember, to be a good hider, you must have a high level of adaptability. Test those techniques. Improve them. Then toss them away in the trash bin. Don’t fall to the trap of following a certain rule-set. Create your own rules and techniques.


Hiding yourself from people:

The basics:

Hiding yourself from other people is definitely trickier and harder than hiding things from people; however, it’s still hiding in the end. You will have to ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. Who are you hiding from?
  2. Why are you hiding from them?
  3. Do you have to hide for a specific period of time?
  4. How bad is it going to be if you are found?

The techniques used for hiding yourself are different and yet similar to those used for hiding things.

The techniques:
  • Think like your seeker: Again this is a very vital technique. How much does your seeker know you? Will they expect you to hide in certain places? What would be the place that they would least likely search? Try to get in your seeker’s mind. This will help you in hiding.
  • Fool your seeker: Leave false trails behind you and fool your seeker. Don’t make it easy and straightforward for them. Create diversions and hide in places that will confuse them.
  • Keep a watchful eye: Hide in a place where you can see and monitor your seeker. Using this technique is very useful in certain situations, as it will give you the edge over your seeker. As well as pave the path for opportunities and other techniques.
  • Being mobile: Your seeker is much less likely to search a place they have already searched. Use this to your advantage. By leaving your current hiding place and moving to a place that your seeker had already searched, you will throw them off tracks. They will be searching for your ghost. However, this technique is very dangerous and has a high chance for failure.
  • Have escape routes: Having escape routes is a big advantage to have in a hiding place, as it will give you the ability to easily fool your seeker. However, for this to work, you’ll need to have a clear idea of where your seeker is, in order to escape at the right time.
Conclusion of training:

The most important thing you have to learn is to calm at all times. By remaining calm, you’ll be able think more clearly; consequently, you’ll be able to hide better. Another thing that you should do is to minimize movement and take long, slow and deep breaths while hiding. And don’t forget to be flexible and to know when to move and when to stay still.


This concludes The Complete Guide to Hiding. If you liked it, share it to your friends and family! Discuss hiding with me in the comments. Ask me questions or teach me new things about it!


Written by: Osama Waheib

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